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updated 15.01.2013

Sorry for  being so far behind with this update!
I hope everybody had a wonderful 
and we all have a fantastic 2013!

Some of the Christmas mail I did sent out didn't make it because the email address I had of you was out of date. If you have recently changed your email address or provider let me know please! Thanks!
I'm still working on the other pages that haven't been updated yet as promised.
'Cirque du Soleil - Worlds Away' was released in the US on December  the 21st (Worlds as planned. It will be dripfed to the rest of the world for the next 2 month. The release in NZ will be at the end of February. Please check with your local cinemas for screening times in case you're keen.
More updates in the next few days once the summer holidays have finished and work will be back in full swing.

updated 15.11.2012

This is to quickly let you know that the biggest change is finally done!
If you haven't spotted it on the front page, the 'Production' section is all new! Please have a look HERE.
More updates on this News page about all that happened apart from this update will follow soon as well.
In fact the 'News' page itself will be all new soon!
I hope you like the changes and please let me know if anything doesn't work. Or if you like it or not... you better... lol...

updated 25.07.2012

The below talked about music video (1995 - Love Your Ghost) is out, and if you want to, you can find it HERE.
The first few more 'artistic' trailers for 'Cirque du Soleil - Worlds Away' have been released as well. Nothing of our little local circus in it as yet... Here is the so far main TRAILER, and a PAGE with a lot more options.
I'm still 'flat out' with the subtitle files for 'Journey of a Story'. On screen content (OSC) is finished and the English subtitles well in work. The German ones for the September release in Graz (Austria) will follow soon.

Quick in between update

 and 'Add-On' to the site has been done! There is a chat room now! Try if I'm just on (might be a long shot!) or leave me a message directly on there please! So if you wanna follow me to MARS, please click HERE or in the future use the top button on the start page menu! THANKS! I look forward to hear from you!

updated 28.05.2012

Sorry about another 'update delay', but the main reason was a change of hard and software causing all sorts of problems with previously used software. It's hopefully all sorted now!
As a result of this, there will be a few changes done to this site during the next few weeks. Especially for the production pages. But I will let you know HERE, once that is done.

Journey of a Story was successfully released on Anzac Day as planned and continues to amaze people with it's extraordinary quality in photography and  editing! Dimi Nakov the DOP is in Cannes at the moment. He is displaying a later project of his and is doing advertising for JOAS at the same time. Bare in mind that this was an independent production and the first big project for 'Earthwire Productions. It might play in Rialto cinemas soon. It played in more than 20 cinemas nationwide so far with big success and fantastic reviews. To follow it's progress, please use the link above.

I did another VO for Darbo, Called 'Die Jagd', which means as much as 'The Hunt'. It will be released under that title as well. I did 2 English and 2 German versions of this. They will be on the net too. But if you want to get a first impression what it looks like, please click HERE.

Damien Shatford gave me a call to star in a music video he was doing for the band '1995', called 'Love Your Ghost'. We went to 'Little China' for the filming. More to that in the next update. The whole production was supposed to look like a dark passage from a Wim Wenders film and I think that Damien executed that beautifully! He is another one of those directors with a clear vision for a project, the ability to put that into picture and communicate  it to everyone involved. Great! Was fun all the way through! If you wanna look at Damiens web page (still a bit in work!), do that HERE please. The production company overseeing it all was STAKE.
Once the video is online, I will link you from here again. For the moment there are 2 pictures from the opening scene and from Co-Star Sue-Li with me.

          The opening in 'Little China'...          Sue Li and me...

For everyone waiting for the release of 'Cirque du Soleil - Worlds Away', will still have to wait until the 21st of December this year. This is when the world premiere is planned. I guess it will screen in Las Vegas (where most of the artists are living) or Los Angeles first. Let's wait and see!

Apart from all that I'm involved in the planning of another local feature film, but more to that in the next update as well.

updated 19.01.2012

A few things happened since the last update. We finally filmed my 2nd part as 'Ringmaster' for Darcy Gladwin's movie 'GodPlex' in Queenstown. We had a great time! Great weather and great people! Funny was that the Circus we were filming with was the same as in our Cirque du Soleil movie! Same tent and mainly same artist! What a big hello that was!!! If you got the chance to see 'Circus Aotearoa' somewhere at a location close to you, DON'T miss it! You can check by clicking on the name above. Absolutely lovely people and a great performance! And take the kids!

And our Cirque du Soleil movie finally has a title and will screen sometime this year somewhere near you! Can't wait to see it myself! To find out why read this write up from MovieWeb. That should explain why I'm 'shivering with anticipation'...(:

'Journey of a Story' will officially be released on Anzac day. I look forward to that too!

There are a few more things underway, but more about that in the next update...

A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and a fantastic 2012!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!!!

This year went by really fast! A lot of things happened, but not too much to write about here...

The Andrew Adamson / James Cameron 3D movie for 'Cirque du Soleil' still hasn't got a title or release date yet. But you can follow the progress by clicking HERE or check it (or me) out on IMDb.

Darcy (Gladwin) renamed 'GodSpell' into 'GodPlex' to avoid further 'mental collisions' with the musical 'Godspell' which was around in the 70's. Godplex has nothing to do with that. But if you forgot all about it, time to visit Darcy's page again. You can do that HERE.  I'll be flying to Queenstown at the beginning of January to finally shoot the 'Ringmaster' circus scenes for the movie. Shooting is nearly finished. There was a very nice feature about the movie on TV3 nightline a few days ago.

'Journey of a Story' is still in post production but won't be that far off from being finished. Jonathon (Rayner-Burt) is trying to tweak the last bits to perfection. The link to page and trailer are below.

Samuel Wheeler contacted me to possibly play a part in his next upcoming feature 'Someone To Carry Me'. Check the teaser out HERE

Last updated 26. April 11'

orry to be a bit behind with this update!
During the last 3 month work that was already in progress was either continued or completed.

In March I went down to Wellington to do additional voice overs for my part in the below mentioned 'Cirque du Soleil' movie. While there, I was asked to voice another artist of the same movie, which went quite well I think. I really have got no idea how editing progressed so far, neither do I know if there was a decision on the title yet. But the release can't be that far off. Check back for that please!

ArtChoo was finally released on DVD and Romain did sent me a copy. Looks great! Thanks Romain! Good luck on the festivals!

The music video by 'Rover' plays on C42 (former C4) and 'Juice' now. It had really good reviews. Good luck to 'Black Tuesday'! Somewhere below is a link to the video, but in the meantime it's on 'YouTube' as well and the quality there is slightly better. So if you wanna watch it again (huh!), here is the link >>>  Black Tuesday / May 15

We had the first private screening of '
Journey of a Story' yesterday. Looks fantastic! Little things still have to be smoothed over, but what a great movie! Congratulations Jonathon! A master class in creating something incredible on a shoestring! Please watch the new trailer and help us spreading the word. We hope to have it screened for this years NZ Film Festival. More about the progress in the next update. You find the new trailer HERE.

Darcy, the man behind 'GodSpell' has returned from India where he did some more work for the movie. I hope to see him soon back in NZ. More about '
GodSpell' once I caught up with Darcy.

Last updated 1. January 11'

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Have a wonderful 2011!!!

This is a quick update in regards to the mentioned jobs and the incredible luck and fantastic time I had since the last update...

As you know I was waiting for the results of the Weta Workshop game job and a part as 'Ringmaster' for an apparent 'Cirque du Soleil' production. Little did I know that this was a 3-D movie made by Andrew Adamson and James Cameron for Cirque!
A day after my last update I was on 'hold' all of a sudden, had a recall a few days later which ended with me getting the job! Andrew (Adamson) increased my lines massively, my filming days doubled and I found myself as No.3 on the local cast list! But don't get me wrong! On the 'final cut' you only see me for a VERY short while at the beginning of the movie, as this is NOT about MY circus, but about displaying Cirque du Soleil brilliance from their Las Vegas Show to the rest of the world! What a wonderful idea! And what a Christmas present for me!
I have to say that Andrew is the nicest 'Billion Dollar Maker' anyone can imagine! What an absolutely incredible man! It was a total pleasure and honor to work for him! I hope to have a chance for a 'repeat' performance!
I won't say anything about the story line here or publish any photos as you will understand. That will happen after the movie is released, which could be during the northern hemisphere summer this year. July or August maybe.
If you would like to find out more about this movie, join the line by following the link below... It hasn't even got a title yet! We just had a working title.
The only picture I include with this (can't be enlarged!) is the 'GoodBye' photo with Andrew. For the rest you will have to wait a bit longer... Sorry! By re-checking the link below in the next few weeks you might find out more anyway! Lots of entries on the net about this! And as usual, I will keep you updated!

Find out more here...

Andrew & Lutz

Last updated 3. December 10'

The last 3 month went by in a rush! Here is what happened:

Journey of a Story has wrapped completely now and we had a great wrap party in Posonby! If everything goes well with the editing I think release is planned for April 11'. Links to the movie and newspaper articles are in the update below. Thanks!

ArtChoo has screened in St.Lukes and was a real success rating the reaction of the audience. It is planned to be released on DVD in January. An extra page with more pictures and bits will be added soon. Please check back for that! Some pictures and more info are in the previous update below. Thanks!

The music video I did with 'The Rovers' of 'Flying Fish', May 15 by Black Tuesday was finished and uploaded last week. I don't think it's on telly yet! Again, more info about this is in the update below. Thanks! If you would like to watch the video or find out more about the band, please follow the links below. I think '
The Rovers' did a really great job editing!
The Video       The Band

We were filming some more scenes for 'GodSpell' on Muriwai Beach while Darcy was over here from Melbourne. We would have needed an open fire for those scenes, but apart from being prohibited to do so at Muriwai, we had a mighty storm that evening and the fire wouldn't have worked out anyway. Apart from that, I think Darcy was quite happy with what we got. We needed a 9 year old girl for those scenes as well, able to say some lines. I casted Maria for this part, Maria has played my daughter in 
Journey of a Story previously. She is great! Next week she will sign up with a fantastic agent here in Auckland! Good luck for your future Maria!
Some more shots were done in Wellington as well and we are on a break until  February 11' now. Then filming will continue and hopefully wrap in Auckland.

Apart from all the above I had a few auditions, mainly for a Weta Workshop computer game in which I would play a head monk, blind, and new recruits will turn blind as well as part of the initiation. Hmmm... This is planned to be filmed in February 11', so well off, but I hope to find out before Christmas if it's a 'yes' or 'no'...
Another fantastic audition was as a Ringmaster in a doco drama for Cirque de Soleil. Quite funny as I play a Ringmaster in '
GodSpell' as well at the moment! The decision here can only be days off as filming is planned to be finished before Christmas.

You'll find out more in the next update again! As usual, I will keep you updated!

Last updated 26.September 10'

The sad news first, my mum died on the 30th of April this year, after a long struggle! She was a very big part of my heart and my every day life! She will be VERY dearly missed! I hope she is resting in peace and will still 'check in' occasionally...

he working year started well with another job for Darbo (Austria), in which I worked as voice and language coach. More than 40 models had to perform 9 rather difficult sentences in German! It worked well! I have to say that they really ALL gave their best!
The final choice was Natalia, a Russian born Kiwi. She only needed to get the lip movement right, as it was planned to have the ad dubbed. But she picked it up so well that she was asked back into the sound studio to have it re recorded with HER voice! Fantastic! Congratulations Natalia! Natalia plays as well ALL(12!!!) parts in the clip!
If you want to watch the 'Final Product', you find it HERE!

That job led directly into an ad for 'Cadbury', or better 'Pascal Marshmallows'. This featured 4 'unlikely' SuperHeroes in a very surreal setting. There was 'Robotron', 'Mystique', 'Lord Evil' and 'Skeletron'. I had the part of 'Skeletron'. The 'Weta Workshop' was going to do the final editing on this, but somehow this might have never taken place. At the moment it looks like this ad will never be released.
I didn't take any photos there, so the few displayed here were distributed to me by the producers and the copyright lies with Cadbury! I purposely didn't tell anything about the storyline here, NOT to infringe on any copyrights!

click to enlarge...      click to enlarge...      click to enlarge...      click to enlarge...  

A short while after I had a call from a very well known local agency, TWA. The new owners and managers were completely revamping the business and I was asked to give the occasional acting course there! That was great, as I haven't done that for about 10 years then and I always loved teaching! Totally down my alley!
To check out the newly reborn TWA, you can click HERE. More about my acting course is HERE.

The last scenes of 'Journey of a Story' for me are finished as well. During the location search and during filming I met some fantastic people and former countrymen! Tom Bichler and Margareta Lammer were an incredible help to find our final 'Austrian Location' here in Aotearoa and Margareta was straight 'utilized' as actress, playing my Austrian wife in the movie! Great! The location was the 'Swiss Club', an hour north of Auckland and the same place where parts of 'The Cult' (great local series!!!) was filmed. Tom Is President and Margareta Vice President of the 'Austrian Club' in Auckland.
We had a few features in Newspapers and Magazines with the movie and here are some links. In the Austrian Times article you find me half way down the page, in the Magazine Viewfinder (click on the cover) is a picture of me with my Austrian Family on page 17.

Austrian Times       Magazine Viewfinder        Journey of a Story Page        Photos, Videos etc.

That was followed by a Unitec student production, a 'Mocumentary' called 'ArtChoo'. Absolutely fantastic! Here I'm playing 'Marko', a totally self overrated and mis orientated abstract artist, having his best(?!?) ideas for new artwork after sneezing! I really loved this part! I suffered a rare BAD flu during filming (NO punt intended!!! 39.3 fever!), but the whole crew was just fantastic and kept me going! Everybody there was absolutely determined and totally professional! I worked on a good number of productions during my life, but this team has to be in the top 5!!! Really EVERYBODY was incredible! Romain, 'Nurse' Lisa, Renee... and... and... and... Watch out New Zealand, there are some fantastic people on the rise!
Here are a few pictures from the production. There is more to come soon!

most of the filming took place here...    ditto...    the entrance...    the team...    ...hmmm...
our master director...            one studio...            artwork???...            sweety!!!...            gettin' ready?...

I nearly forgot about the music video! I suddenly had a call from the 'Rovers' (Jacob & Mat) to be starring in a music video being filmed somewhere along Desert Road in the middle of Winter! I knew I had to run for the shoot, but NOT that this was planned to be in a singlet(!!!) by freeeeezing temperatures around the zero degree mark, half past 6 in the morning behind a Diesel Truck!!! Huh!!! At least the Motel had a hotpool! VERY much appreciated! The scenery was breathtaking though! Next to Mt.Ruapehu with a slight ice and snow cover everywhere! Great! The music video was for 'Black Tuesday' and the track is 'May 15'.
I haven't really heard very much back from the Rovers in regards to progress of the video. I hope they are not stuck in some elevator somewhere with flat cell phone batteries! {: But promise to keep you updated...

'Godspell' was planned to continue filming in November, but might be delayed a bit due to unforeseen circumstances. I try to help a bit with production and have a small acting part in it as well. I keep you posted...

'Time Machine' is finished and Liam did send me a first DVD copy. Nice cover and the movie looks really good! I'm sure it'll be turning up somewhere sometime soon! And again... I will keep you updated!

Some slightly 'older' bits...

I did the 'Newsreader' in 'Last Flight' filming and editing is still going on. I attach a part of the text as well as JPG, in case you don't get to read all the text on the site.

I was talking to Darcy Gladwin when he came back to NZ about more details of 'Godspell' I'm playing the 'Circus Ringmaster' and owner here as mentioned, but in this one I'm trying to help with production and maybe directing as well. That depends on Darcy entirely!

I was working as assistant Producer for 'Earthwire Productions' for a few month for free, but got really busy and we split ways in this regard. I still help out occasionally with this or that. I finished my acting part in this movie as 'Hans' the Austrian farmer hiding our hero.

'Santa Is Dead' (no site yet) is a Korean / NZ production with only 2 main parts and 1 additional short role in it. I am 'Santa' (one of the main parts). Quite complicated story in this movie, with 14 pages of script for me, a car chase scene and me shooting people in passing cars, on a very remote road around Taupo. I'm still waiting for the re scheduled time table here. First shoot didn't work out as we had horrible weather...

That's pretty much it I think! I just love this work, so I'm 'sucking' it up as much as I possibly can... ;-)