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As many of you know anyway, for more than 20 years
I'm looking after homeless, mistreated, unwanted and injured cats.
Cats and Kittens are sadly regularly abandoned when people move home.
Here they find a place where they are safe, where they are brought back to
health and if then possible are passed on to a loving home. The wilder ones,
which are good hunters go to farms to catch mice and rats and to keep Possums
In case that this is not possible because of permanent damage or ongoing treatment
they can stay here to live out their life. The garden is a cat paradise with lots of trees,
cat houses and hiding places.
They will get their preventive injections here and will be spayed or neutered.

This house is listed with and supported by the SPCA, but it involves a lot of work
and patience every day. There is always something to fix, look after, heal or to clean!
In the 'worst' times there were up to 30 cats here, then all the effort seemed to have
had an effect a few years ago, the number dropped below 10, but lately this is increasing
again. NOT GOOD! So if you own a cat and move house, DON'T just abandon the animals please!
Please call the SPCA or look for a cat shelter like this one to re home the cats! THANKS! They will love you for it!
Please Email me HERE for more info or advice anytime!!!  
Important note that not ALL cats in the Gallery are MY cats! Most are, about 90% of the ones shown! Editing follows!

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